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This story is about a time in my life that has made a huge impact on me as well as others.  I'm hoping that everyone who reads this book gets something out of it to help them with different situations in life.  It might be a religious conflict or something else, but there are lots of ways to deal with certain issues, and the wrong ones can lead to some very bad results. I think for an average reader, this is about an 6 to 8 hour read. After you have read the book, go to my page on Facebook and write your take on what you read. 

God Has A Reason for Eveything
God Has A Reason for Everything
  • ISBN-10: 1630476943

  • ISBN-13: 978-1630476946

This book is completed and will be in book stores to purchase May 17th 2016. Until then, I will be selling as many as I can to promote this book and get it into as many hands as possible. My publishing company, Morgan James Publishing, will be in charge of getting books out to the public and in stores. If you are a company that would like to carry some of these in your store, please look them up on line and request to have some sent to you.


I am currently looking to get a movie deal made for this story. I will update the information as is it becomes available. Thank you for taking the time to look further into this book.  I may be writing a second book that takes off right before this book was signed to be published. 

Currently everything is being done by my husband and myself along with the help and guidence of my publishing company.  I never expected to write a book.  I always wanted to be a movie screenwriter. 

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