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The picture to the left is from a few years ago. This is my family: Front left is Alex, Front right is Clark, Back left is me and Back right is my husband Steve. Almost every year my family goes out on a Major Marine Tour in Alaska that allows the kids to see the changes over the years to the ice bergs as well as the wildlife and scenery.  Everyone loves taking this trip.


I love Alaska and was born here on Elmendorf Air Force Base in 1970. We moved around a bit, then after my parents divorced in 1980, we came back. There have been LOTS of changes here since then.  I moved to the Mat-Su Valley in 1983 and we only had one flashing red light in the middle of town.  Now we look just like every other small town that's growing constantly.  


Learn more about me when you buy the book and you can find me on Facebook as well.  I'm on there a lot.


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